Union Coupling, Compression Tube Fitting

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Union Coupling, Compression Tube Fitting

Compression Fittings Union couplings are used for straight tube to tube connections and are designed for hydraulic applications.

Fittings conform to the design‘?requirements of ISO 8434-1, DIN 2353, and DIN EN‘?3851 standards. This ensures the interchangeability‘?with other leading brands.

Size dimensions indicates the suitability to use with OD tubes.
For example 8L is suitable for use with 8mm OD Tubes.
For example 20S is suitable for use with 20mm OD Tubes.

Pressure Range Series Pressure:
LL Up to 100 bar
L Up to 500 bar
S Up to 800 bar

Allowable Fittings Material Working Temperature:
Stainless Steel: -60 �æíìí? to +400 �æíìí? (DIN 17440)
Steel -40 �æíìí? to +120 �æíìí? (DIN 3859)
Brass -60 �æíìí? to +175 �æíìí?

Allowable Seals Material Working Temperature:
NBR -35 �æíìí? to +100 �æíìí?
FKM -25 �æíìí? to +200 �æíìí?
PTFE -60 �æíìí? to +240 �æíìí?

Eaton / Germany
RFS‘?/ Korea

Assembly Instructions:
Step 1: Ensure that the material of fittings and tubes are similar, except for copper tubes, which are used together with brass fittings. Use a sawing machine to saw off tubes and deburr the inner and outer diameter of the tube ends.
Step 2: Lubricate the threads on the body and nut on the body of the fittings using a suitable lubricant like anti-bloc fett (ABF). Please note that normal grease is not recommended for lubrication.
Step 3: Place the pre-oiled nut and cutting ring over the tube. Then, insert the tube into the fitting body, up to fitting stopper with nut and cutting ring.
Step 4: Hand tighten the pre-oiled nut.
Step 5: By using a wrench, tighten the nut one and one quarter turns.
Step 5: Unassemble the fittings and check the penetration of the cutting ring.

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